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About Rachel

Rachel is a licensed massage therapist specializing in various modalities of massage to treat stress, anxiety, and physical injuries to promote balance and wellness in the body. Rachel has 30 years of experience in the wellness field. She is also trained as a reflexologist and Reiki master.


Rachel first studied reflexology in New York, NY and later received her accreditation for massage therapy in Pennsylvania. In 2015, Rachel obtained her Master's level in Reiki which allowed her to not only practice Reiki but to teach it as well. Rachel is empathic, intuitive, compassionate, caring, and has a natural healing gift that is synergistic when applied with Reiki and her in-depth understanding of anatomy and physiology.  The combination of Rachel's training, experience, and technique facilitates the improvement of each client's physical and mental wellbeing. 

Rachel grew up in England and moved to the US over 30 years ago.  Rachel loves spending time with her family. Rachel has many interests including gardening, the beach, fashion, the outdoors, interior design, furniture restoration, and travel.

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